Brent Jorgenson Brent Jorgenson

Brent Jorgenson Brent Jorgenson

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First Name * Brent
Last Name * Jorgenson Brent Jorgenson
Username * Gephoria
Country * USA
City Saint Paul
Nationality American


Preferred Tools Gameplay Mechanics3ds Maxphotoshopunreal edtorquevisual studio


Availability: student


I love modeling and learning new peices of software it makes my "job" more fun. I have a passion for creating game art assets and seeing them in action inside the game engine. Texturing is a challenge for me but i like challenges. rendering i haven't touched on as much as i'd like but i understand the basics. Ever since enrolling in Brown College I have found everything to be a fun and challenging learning experience. Even though most of the fun I once had in video games has vanished with each quarter of school, I still love dissecting games down to the barebones and that's how my understanding of them benefits me.